Some personal facts about Ronny Jentzsch, the head of FRESH FOX

Ronny Jentzsch was born at the 31. 03. 1976 in Meißen, near Dresden

He grew up in Lommatzsch, a small town in East Germany, the former GDR.

At time of the german runion, when Ronny was 14 years old, he bought a small YAMAHA keyboard from his first own money.

From then on he started to teach himself to play the keyboard and also started in writing his first own songs.

in 1996 Ronny Jenzsch meet the first time his later production partner Chris van Beorg.

Since 2003 Ronny was head of FRESH FOX as composer, singer and producer.

In 2008 Ronny started to work as songwriter and producer for a lot of artists in different music styles.

In 2010 he founded his own production company LUCA RECORDS with a recording studio based in Dresden.

Since 2013 he is also part of the german pop duo MAGIC MELODY, togehter with Marco Lessentin

Until now - 2019 - worldwide were released over 170 Songs with participation of Ronny Jentzsch as songwriter or producer.